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Duudle A Prize-Winning Cross-Platform Multiplayer Turn & Skill Based Game
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7 Tips How to Become a Duudle Master Guide to the New Unlimited Free Single-Player Mode General Tips Improving Your Guessing and Drawing Skills Boosting your Multi-Player Success
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Unlimited Free Drawing Action
Duudle version 1.7 is now available for both Windows Phone 7 and Android. In addition to its Multi-Player mode it now also features a single-player mode — offering an endless stream of Duudles coming your way. Check out the new infographic covering the new features as well as offering 7 tips how you can become a master Duudler.
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»All in all, Duudle is a fun game for your Windows Phone.«

»App Addict: Apps With Friends ... Duudle should keep you on your toes.«
Connected - Rogers Magazine

»Ever since we talked about this little gem a week ago we've been addicted and with a new update rolling out today [version 1.6], Duudle is about to get even better. ... It has a standout interface, some beautiful effects, and its ridiculously addictive.«
Windows Phone Daily


»Now for the inevitable; which do I prefer? Draw Something with is colourful and child friendly interface? Or Duudle with its competitive scoring and landscape drawing? ... If I was to recommend one of these to someone today, I'd probably have to say Duudle.«
Rating 4(5)
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