Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you want/need my Facebook login?

It's optional to login via Facebook. This is good since all your Facebook friends that play Duudle will automatically show up so that you can play with them.

Sometimes I create an awesome duudle or I win, can I share it?

Yes, you can send, share or publish any duudle directly from the app. Once you have viewed a duudle you have a share button next to the like and next buttons. (You might need to login to Facebook first. However, the upload after that is automatic and effortless.)

My duudle was hilarious, can I replay it?

Yes, to replay just tap the duudle (under turns) and you'll be able to replay it as many times as you like. (We save all duudles, and in a future release you will be able to replay archived duudles as well.)

How do I master Duudle? or I really suck at drawing, is there any hope for me?

The best way of becoming a master Duudler is to play more. But, you don't necessarily need to be an artist to win in Duudle, a few crude strokes may award you with tons of points. Follow the tips in the infographic below and your game is more than likely to radically improve. Check out:

INFOGRAPHIC 7 Tips How to Become a Duudle Master »

Duudle is so much fun that I cannot get enough. Can I have some more action please?

I have a smartphone, but my friend has a tablet, can we still play?

Yes you can. Duudle has been designed to make this possible. Whatever the device your friend has as long as Duudle can be installed you can play.

When we see that there are many users on tablets, we'll start to match phones against phones and tablets against tablets, (in random games).

Who is the best Duudler? Will you offer a leaderboard?

A leaderboard is a great idea, and is available in single-player mode (press the rank button to see the leaderboard). Of course you want to know who's the best Duudler and how you compare, as well as many other things. Leaderboards for multi-player are in the road map, but first we want to you to be able to play with all your friends regardless of what smartphone or tablet they might have. First things first, but there will be more leaderboards.

When I wait for my turn I'd like to still hangout in Duudle and chat with my fellow Duudlers. Will you offer that?

We love that idea. Sometimes you want to congratulate someone for his or her superb duudle. Or, other times you'd just like to chat while playing. Some kind of forum is planned to come in a major release. We hope soon.

How can I change the blue canvas when I duudle?

Well, you cannot. The canvas is blue so that anyone that sees a duudle immediately recognizes it. (If you've seen a duudle once you remember and recognize it.)

Why is there no eraser?

Just like when you paint on canvas or use a marker on paper, the paint and ink is permanent. It's part of the game play not to be able to erase. You need to plan ahead. However, we might introduce a feature to clean the canvas in a future release.

What is considered cheating?

The Duudle rules can be found her; English | French | Swedish. Duudle is much more fun when players don't cheat. Please report cheating and abuse if you see it. Users that cheat or abuse repeatedly are banned and kicked out.

My language is not available, will it be?

The long-term goal is to make Duudle available in most languages. We'd love that to happen rather sooner than later. But we're just a small team.

Perhaps you'd like to help us to bring Duudle to your language. If you're a bit tech savvy, a careful person and have translated apps before (or would like to do), please send an email to and tell us how you'd like to help. We cannot offer you any compensation more than to give you credit for the localization in the app, plus of course the joy of playing Duudle in your native tongue.

My friend plays Draw Something, what's the difference?

Speedy communication versus artistic expression differentiates Duudle from other drawing and sketching apps. Jotting down the key characteristic strokes first is rewarded with more points, as opponents then can guess the word sooner. Still, both Duudle and Draw Something are based on the same concept: get a word, draw and let opponents guess. The major difference is that with Draw Something you can play against one player per game (two-player) while Duudle is single-player or multi-player (3-10 players in a game). Then there's also the competitive element. In Duudle there are a number of turns and then there is a winner, while in Draw Something games are endless and no-one really wins. Chances are you like both.

CHART Follow this link for a side-by-side comparison between Duudle and Draw Something. »

I have an iPhone/iPad/iPod, will I be able to play Duudle soon?

Yes, Duudle will be available for iOS. We're working on it.